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An anarchy server, like anarchy in real life, refers to the lawless existence of the territory. The online Minecraft community's Anarchy server has a special and exciting feature. The fact that they are online games with few rules distinguishes them. It provides a challenge for players who want to put their survival skills to the test. Several anarchy servers encourage hacking and cheating from their members.

These servers are dominated by raiding, griefing, and player versus player scenarios, which other players must collect, preserve, and protect themselves against their opponents on Minecraft Anarchy Servers. These servers bring a sense of mystery and excitement to the world of Minecraft. There are no rules, so you never know what will happen next.

Top Minecraft server list on anarchy currently available in 2024.

Purple Prison

IP: purpleprison.net

Purple Prison, which was voted the best prison server in 2019, is still going strong in 2020. Players will enjoy a plethora of advantages as well as regular rewards to continue playing on what is arguably one of the best anarchy servers.
Purple prison’s best features:
• Get some incredible things and use them to create an environment that players can remember for a long time.
• Custom rank-up rewards and the opportunity to open your in-game shop are only a few of the many options open to all players. Obtain experience to advance through the ranks and create a name for yourself.
• Featuring a high-performance server with no latency, ensuring the best possible gaming experience.


IP: mc.minewind.com

Minewind is an interactive world with fantastic rewards for becoming a member of the community, created by adult gamers for adult gamers. In this delightfully weird and hauntingly wonderful server, participate in random Fox Hunts for fantastic prizes, destroy and loot other players, and monitor the weather.

Minewind's Highlights:
• An adults-only server aimed at providing a more mature gaming environment for those looking for something more advanced than the original Minecraft community.
• There are no admins, mods, or in-game helpers, so it's all up to you. The only rule that players must follow is that they must not cheat to have a fun and fair experience.
• Keep an eye out for the progress of a delightful end game with cool stuff on the horizon as you explore a stunning environment filled with impressive and detailed structures.

Arkham Network

IP: mc.arkhamnetwork.org

Prepare to access one of the most entertaining Minecraft anarchy servers on the internet! This server includes new game modes to improve the enjoyment of gaming, as well as personalized plugins, bringing enthusiasm from both Marvel and DC origins. A beautiful world lies just beyond the walls, so why not take a trip over and see what awaits you?

What Makes Arkham Network Great:
• Use the incredible food and stores, as well as the shared crafting tables and other tools. To succeed, players have access to fantastic resources, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable gaming experience.
• Players will not have to compete with players who have a bad attitude. Those who violate the rules are suspended and their names are listed on the server's official website along with the reason for their suspension.
• Arkham Network is constantly being updated with new features to create a fun and special gaming experience.

Purity Vanilla

IP: purity-vanilla.xyz

Purity Vanilla is a brand-new Minecraft edition that was released in November 2019 and has been delighting players. The entire world is left to the players' power, as it was designed with vanilla gameplay in mind. Now it is in the top of Minecraft Server List.

Purity Vanilla's Benefits
• Become a member of a vibrant and rapidly growing society! When it is up to the players and only a few rules are in place to ensure that everybody has a good time, being a member of a close-knit community makes all the difference.
• Make new friends with other players and help in the gathering of materials to defeat your opponents.
• Players can still expect the best possible gaming experience thanks to regular server updates in response to Minecraft updates and improvements.

Cosmic Craft Hub

IP: mc.cosmicmc.net

Players of Cosmic Craft will find a fun and accessible community run by a strong and approachable team, with a range of enjoyable features such as Factions, Survival Games, and a Mob-Arena. Break free from the confines of the present to become a part of something incredible.

What Makes Cosmic Craft Hub So Special?
• Aside from these minigames, players will enjoy the thrills of Prop Hunt Hide & Seek, Paintball, and Team Fortress in one convenient venue!
• Make use of the SkyBlock available on the server to build a world that floats in the sky.


It's the main element that emerged from those who were looking for something different from the game. Anarchy's popularity has only grown as a result of well-known YouTubers documenting the lives of anarchy players, and the player base agrees.

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